Sunday, November 1, 2015


In the Italian Wikipedia there it is an admin nicknamed "Vituzzu", who seems to rule this wiki like a little Mafia boss (please read last month issue of "Manmer2015" about this problem). His name is Vito and he is shamelessly protected by top managers of Italian Wikimedia, probably because of his socio-political leftist/marxist agenda....but in the last months he has also been active in the English Wikipedia, damaging with his mafia "hate" some users who are complaining in angry ways.

So, I am going to write about 2 of them: one in England (Onomaticus) and the other in South America (Ulf Erlingsson).

The first is user Onomaticus (read my August 2015 issue about "Onomaticus: a case of lack of justice"), an English wikiuser who -after blocked forever by Vito's "orders" last summer - wrote:

  1. Hey. I'm Onomaticus. Email me at

    I took a break from Wiki for 3 weeks. I got fed up with those admins.

  2. Onomaticus here, no jokes, came across this article.

    Yes I am in Britain. It is indeed ridiculous to imply Brunodam, some guy in the States, is the same person as me. As if he moved to Britain just to write an article.
  3. Now according to Wikipedia one is not allowed to have more than one account. But it is even this Tokyogirl who has more than one account blatantly and she has said so. The same is with JamesBWatson.

    Whats this? I cannot have an account to make myself seem like more than one person? So they think Brunodam, in apparently making new accounts after his block, which he didn't, is trying to make it look like there is more than one of him by only using one account at a time?

    Doesn't even make any sense. Even their own logic doesn't work out.
  4. Gotta love the ad hominem in Wikipedia. So if somebody is accused of an offence, everything they have ever done is sinful, regardless of whether they have contributed enormously or not. Instead of just banning Brunodam, they have to remove all traces of him on Wikipedia, even articles that won AWARDS & BARNSTARS.

    Is this Stalin's Russia? What game are they onto? Their warped logic allows for every action somebody has done to be incorrect just because they have broken one tiny and pathetic rule?

    I'm not Brunodam. So they accused me of being Brunodam, but why delete all that I have done?

    They claimed Brunodam's articles were "erroneous". These are articles that won barnstars and awards and were widely read and they even dare to say "erroneous". It is like every single observable speck of logic is against them. They are not just wrong in the bigger picture, they are wrong at every single level at this one.
  5. Their basis for thinking I was Brunodam was the fact we both were interested in the Romans.

    Their logic allows for two people, even if they are thousands of miles apart, to be the same person just because they are interested in Roman history. Not even that, they thought I was Brunodam as I mentioned "seen many times on Wikipedia". That could mean anything! I was referring to previous edit wars I had seen before I had an account.

    Tokyogirl logic: Anyone on Wikipedia who likes Roman history and has been on Wikipedia before, even if just to spectate, must be Brunodam. They must be blocked. Not just blocked, not even allowed to appeal. And their IP should be blocked too. They should not even be replied to or allowed to speak to anyone. They are of course Brunodam. Even if they are in 57 different countries at once. Yes, Brunodam is everywhere. He is an evil entity who is trying to attack me with Roman wikipedia articles.
Furthermore I want to pinpoint that the talk page of user Onomaticus has been erased (by the gang related to the Mafioso Vituzzu) , because he wrote there with clear proofs his own defense : see, where an admin named Rjd0060 on October 16, 2015 has made disappear all evidences......

But even others in the world are complaining against this Mafioso Vito: this is the case of south american wikiusers. Indeed my second "user-example" is Ulf Erlingsson (, who wrote that:

"....Wikipedia knowingly slanders political prisoner....

As I reported in July 2010, Italian Wikipedia contains libelous claims about Alejandro Peña Esclusa, who is a political prisoner in Hugo Chávez’ Venezuela, a country that from now is a Soviet-style communist dictatorship. Yet, as late as today Italian Wikipedia blocks every attempt to remove the slander, even though they have been given proof that it is a lie.....The last attempt to remove the slander was made on New Years Eve....two minutes later the Wikipedia editor Vituzzu not only reinserted the paragraph without explanation, but also blocked the user from editing both the article, and also the discussion page. Vituzzu thereby ensured that the blocked user can’t complain, or request that Wikipedia explains why they are helping a communist dictatorship incarcerate an innocent man, by helping them to spread their lies. For them to spread big lies is an integral part of their strategy to prevent Europeans from understanding the true nature of the narco-terrorist states led by Cuba.....While Wikipedia will claim that they have no editors, the fact that Vituzzu has the power to block dissenting opinions from being heard makes him a “WIKIPEDIA DICTATOR”, and thus – in any reasonable interpretation of the word – an editor. It is irrelevant if and who pays him for the job he does in the service of the dictatorship. Wikipedia has given him the authority to act in their name by blocking other users, and consequently they are responsible for his acts.....This muzzle method is brutal. It is worthy of a "FASCIST DICTATORSHIP", or, as in this case, of a "NARCO-COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP". Who is Vituzzu? Where is he? He could be anywhere. He could sit in Caracas, Venezuela, or for that matter in Havana, Cuba, and do these things. (His page on Wikipedia claims he lives in New York, but the phone number he gives is fake, so one cannot assign any credibility to the claims either as to his name or his whereabouts.)......."  

So -according to  Erlingsson- Vituzzu, calling himself Vito Giulio-Claudio at the time, blocked not just further edits but also all discussions and messages on Wikipedia.    WHAT A SHAME!!!

If interested, the readers can get the full information about these Vituzzu's slanders  -as a "Narco-Communist Dictator"- here  at:    Indeed to understand the "bad to the bones" Mafioso admin:Vituzzu, please read his own OUTING MY EVILNESS  at .

Finally,  allow me to repeat that are being checked evidences about Vito/Vituzzu, who seems to be involved in some of the Muslim fanatism on Wikipedia (Italians and a Canadian have been recently arrested in "Operation Martese", read [9], showing even a growing relationship between Mafia/Ndrangheta and ISIS/Al Kaeda). We will elaborate our investigations and  report it on WP:AN/I or to the top authorities of Wikipedia/Wikimedia and/or even other institutions.