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I have been told that some members of the CRICCA (a kind of "mafia-style" group of the Italian Wikipedia, that is increasingly ruling this wiki) are worried by my blog "Manmer2015". They behave like rats when a light is put on these disgusting animals and try to escape (because they are afraid of being identified, thanks to what I write). Of course this delights I am going to dedicate this month to the "CRICCAROLI RATS", as someone has nicknamed them ("Criccaroli" means in Italian language: "members of the Cricca"), and to their links with the uncivil Vito.

Old photo of the first "Criccaroli" buying drugs (?) in Italian Wikipedia meeting at Siena2006

First of all I have to pinpoint that there are 2 groups of "CRICCAROLI". One is the "official" on Italian Wikipedia and is made of users a bit aggressive but -let's say- normal in their behavior (the main ruler of this group seems to be the fat "Queen of Italian wiki": Frieda Brioschi): they can be found with the nickname "Chattaroli" in  Chattaroli. It is interesting to note that they proudly display as their motto that "In irc (internet relay chat) tutti sono malvagi, e chi dice il contrario è stato in irc e quindi è malvagio..." , that in English means "In IRC (main It.Wiki chat channel) all members are evil, and who says the contrary has been in IRC and so he  too is evil..."

But the other is an undercover group that is made of "HUMAN RATS", as one of my friends called them.  Of course the Mafioso Vituzzu is a member of this second group, as all of you can easily surmise.

The main members of this dangerous "Cricca" are denounced in a comment on Wikiperle by a person with the nickname "ing. Andrea M.". He wrote (as I have written last month) that :
"Blackcat (an admin cousin of Frieda Brioschi, the "fat queen of Italian Wikimedia") and his friends are those who support the web helping Vituzzu in the italian wikipedia; and they work together in the other areas of Wiki on commission. If you pay attention the "Cricca"(Wikimafia) of Vituzzu has jobs everywhere: Blackcat &  Jaqen in Commons, Sannita  in Wikidata, M7 in Wikiquote, so when a favour/help is needed it is sufficient to do an e-mail message and the evidences disappear. And nobody dares to denounce because afraid to be banned......   (Lui  Blackcat/Sergio e tutti questi amichetti sono quelli che sostengono la rete di soccorso di Vituzzu e agiscono su commissione negli altri progetti. Se ci fate caso la cricca di Vituzzu ha incarichi dovunque: Blackcat e Jaqen su Commons, Sannita su Wikidata, M7 su Wikiquote, quindi quando serve un favore basta lasciare un messaggio in e-mail e la roba sparisce. E nessuno denuncia niente perché ha paura per la propria utenza......)

This person nicknamed "Ingegnere Andrea M." has even added that he was forced to stop writing on Italian Wikipedia because of anonymous letters received! If interested, please read with a "google translator" his comment in Italian of January 4, 2016 ( ): here it is another evidence that this "Cricca" is a disgusting MAFIA, with its usual anonymous attacks!!!!

Furthermore, allow me to repeat what has happened to me (nicknamed "Brunodam" in Wikipedia) when I was banned forever by members of this disgusting "Cricca" in 2007:

"....Two relatives from Italy came to spend a summer in 2007 at Brunodam's house in south Florida. They spent some months posting with him on Salerno topics on the Italian Wikipedia from his home (using his same modem, of course). An Italian wiki admin did not believe that they were 3 different persons and blocked them: they offered to send copies of their passports & identifications and to talk by phone to show that they were not the same persons, but he kept blocking them. Brunodam then got enraged and "hinted" that he was thinking of getting help from an attorney in order to defend himself from these offensive accusations.......and suddenly he got BANNED FOREVER! No possibility of defending himself, and the same happened for his 2 relatives who got astonished by all this. Brunodam wrote even to Jimbo (, but he got always blocked and blocked and blocked and blocked every tentative of communication...."

Later, one of my two relatives -enraged like me- decided to write a blog against this "Cricca". You can read her blog "Criccawikipediaitaliana" -that received many comments and approvals- here:

So, after some years and until we will obtain full victory, we keep & will keep denouncing this "Cricca": Vituzzu, Blackcat, M7, Jacquen, Sannita and a few others (like Alessandro57) are the SHAME of Italian Wikipedia!!!

The members of this evil "Cricca" have one characteristic: they are all supporters of  Marxism and/or  Social-Communism.....and are linked to leftist groups in the world. Vito, for example, is a known "servant" of the leftist Croatian group that seems ruled/controlled by the tricky admin User:Joy and that in English Wikipedia controls all the articles on former Yugoslavia of criminal dictator Tito.

Since 2011 we have this shameful "leccapiedismo" (coward submission) of Vito and others to this Croatian group (that has received a lot of critics even from the same founder-owner of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales/Jimbo; read: Jimbo_Wales/Archive_144#Gathering_information_about_alleged_irregularities_on_Croatian_Wikipedia
and 2013_issues_on_Croatian_Wikipedia), as can be seen on this comment that was done on "Aromuni e neolatini balcanici(ilmioweblogaromuno)" by Giacomo Sorgi  and that can be easily translated with translate-google :
"Eccomi quindi in trasferta per un mese su dove sto assistendo ad una situazione praticamente assurda.Mi sono cimentato nella redazione di pagine riguardanti l'Adriatico: il Gargano, Peschici, Ragusa, Giacomo Micaglia.. quando mi rendo conto di cosa sta succedendo: tutte le voci sono artificiosamente slavizzate: addirittura Giacomo Micaglia è Jacob Mijkali, La famiglia Sorgo è diventata Sorcocejivic con tanto di segni diacritici, addirittura esiste su la "Repubblica di Dubrovnik"!! Cioè non v'è traccia della cultura nè italiana, nè addirittura romanza...E mentre con stupore mi accorgo di ciò, due utenti di chiaro orientamento nazionalista slavo-croato, tra i più attivi, ingraziatisi alcuni admin iniziano a intimorirmi, rollbackandomi automaticamente nonchè minacciandomi ed accusandomi di essere un sockpuppet di qualche altro povero utente precedentemente bannato. Sto cercando di rendere pubblica la questione, poichè si rischia una deriva impressionante del progetto.Bisogna fare attenzione a non scrivere in modo diretto nelle pagine utente del gruppetto di nazionalisti croati e slavi, oggi - nel 2011-  "loro" (Direktor , Srnec, Kubura, Zoupan, Joy & Co.) lo possono fare tranquillamente, mentre gli utenti neutrali o dal nome vagamente italiano vengono subito accusati di essere una "clique".Attenzione poi a rifuggire la marea di troll e sock croati che girano attorno alle voci istriano-dalmate.Ci sono amministratori (come User:Polargeo e come User:Vituzzu) che si sono fatti abbindolare da questo gruppo di fanatici nazionalisti sloveno-croati, e che in tempo zero intervengono col bastone per eliminargli ogni problema.Insomma con siti web che attingono a piene mani da en.wikipedia, ci si è ritrovati in una situazione di falso storico che ha dell'incredibile."

Here it is a brief translation: "I posted in en. wiki something on Istria-Dalmatia issues and I was shocked to find that the Italian Giacomo Micaglia was written Jacob Mijkali  or the Sorgo family was named Sorcocejivic, without any reference to the Italian culture in Ragusa (called always Dubrovnik) and so on. I tried to correct something but I was quickly attacked and roll-backed by a group of fanatical Croatian/Slav nationalists (like admin Joy or Croatian Admin Kubura and User:Director or User:Srnec ), who are supported by stupid Italians (like user Vituzzu and user Polargeo).In this way we find in a situation of falsification of History that is unbelievable".

Indeed the coward submission of "leccapiedi" Vito can be clearly seen when fanatical admin Joy on the English Wikipedia sent him a post ordering to "check up" (meaning: attack erasing) articles posted by Brunodam here: Brunodam_check_please.........and TRAITOR Vituzzu quickly obeyed erasing many wiki-voices on Italy that were judged favorable to the Italians by "pro-Croatia" Joy, who a week before had made "disappear" -with his usual tricky ways- an article on Italian Cattaro (actual Kotor) that was named Venetian Cattaro: all this happened because Croatian (left & right) nationalists want to erase all evidences of Italian presence in coastal Dalmatia and in Istria/Venezia Giulia.  The servant Vituzzu even answered to his "boss" as soon as possible here: User_talk:Joy#Re:AT YOUR ORDERS! What a shame this disgusting coward submission of TRAITOR Vito.........that's why one of my friends called the Calabria's mafioso Vito a REAL HUMAN RAT WITHOUT DIGNITY!

Furthermore Vito is even showing coward submission to the orders of ISIS/Shabaab supporters inside English Wikipedia! He is always at the orders of user:AcidSnow, a wikipedian from Somalia about whom we wrote because friend of banned "terrorist" Middayexpress  (read our June 2015 issue: )

Finally, now I am going to start a second -and in my opinion more effective- attack against this uncivil & traitor Vituzzu and his "Cricca" (called sometimes "Wikimafia"): from now I will start writing letters directly to the mail address of the main authorities of Wikipedia. After a lot of research I have found their personal addresses. In this way I will reach directly -and without interferences-  Jimbo & his managers. And -because of this activity writing these "letters" full of details & evidences in order to convince Jimbo & his managers to get rid of this Wikimafia- probably this is going to be my last month writing this "Manmer2015".....anyway, we'll see what happens in the next months. My best wishes to all of you..... B.D.



Last but not least, we must remember that a lot of persons are complaining about the psychological problems of Vituzzu (similar to those of many mafia bosses). From calling him a "psychopathic mind" to requesting "psychiatric treatment" for his mad behavior, a lot of people have doubts about his brain normality. May be the most precise & indicative is the following comment done by the "Universita' LUIC Carlo Cattaneo" (read the original comment here: ): Unequivocally it is clearly demonstrated that Vituzzu is a real case of human person suffering from pathological egocentrism and narcissistic personality disorder. It is needed urgent psychiatric therapy for his psychosis.

Vituzzu indeed has a psychosis that makes him to act as a damaging psychopath inside Wikipedia: he is a not too much clever young man who is excessively ambitious and a bit sick of sadism. He likes to rule the Italian Wikipedia like a little red "ducetto" (dictator), but he has his limits.

Limits that have been identified with accuracy by the expert Abd when he wrote that "Vituzzu is a loose cannon, and he, with the collaboration of a few others, has been causing massive global activity damaging the projects (of Wikipedia),.......his error rate is enormous".

Furthermore, Vituzzu seems to enjoy to "ban" people on Wikipedia with a sadism that is probably related to a kind of psychological vengeance because he is not working full time (he lives in Calabria, the poorest region of Italy). Additionally he has relatives that seems to be linked to the 'Ndrangheta, a dangerous mafia of Calabria, and he is "bad to the bones" (as a person, who knows him personally, wrote). But -worst of all- he is connected to extreme leftist organizations (like the national-communists of Croatian Wikipedia) and he is shamefully at their service: someone has defined him as "a TRAITOR of his own  Italian people" always ready to erase and attack all that can show that the Italians are one of the best & important people in the world.


Saturday, January 2, 2016


The following is another evidence of how bad & uncivil is a Mafioso sysop of the Italian Wikipedia, who is nicknamed "Vituzzu" (indeed to understand the "bad to the bones" admin Vituzzu, please read OUTING MY EVILNESS  at ).

Photo of a "Rattus rattus", an animal that perfectly represents the so called Bastard Rat Vito, as one of my friends nicknamed the evil Vituzzu last month.

This Vituzzu is damaging Wikipedia, as explained with detailed data & information on the 2015 issues of my blog "Manmer2015". Additionally, here it is a group of excerpts about an investigation done in 2014 on him by an experienced and serious person, "Abd" of Wikipediocracy:


"I am currently investigating a situation where stewards (two or three of them) appear to be violating global ban policy. Rschen7754's initial violation was minor, if a violation at all. The serious violation is Vituzzu, who has globally locked a series of accounts with no disclosure except what an investigator will extract from logs.

The offense of those accounts is being single-purpose accounts interested in and only editing with respect to an apparently notable photographer. SPAs like this exist very commonly with no sanctions. None of these accounts had been warned. It's quite clear they are not all the same person. Only one had been recently editing, and it was the actions of this single account that brought down what I'm calling the "Spamish Inquisition".

The account violated no policy. It is possible that the actions of this account could be considered disruptive: the account, Augusto De Luca, created 557 user pages, one on each of 557 WMF wikis, each with no text other than a single link to a file hosted on Commons, work of the photographer with the same name.

However, this action resembles the action of a spambot. It was asserted by those involved -- a global sysop, Rschen7754, and Vituzzu, and one steward took one questionable action in this case, the steward is also a local sysop, so the issue is muddied, that this was a "spambot," but spambots don't act like this. The global sysop involved, in one of the two deletion discussions -- both of which I triggered -- showed sorted account creation times from CentralAuth as "proof" that this was a bot, but CA account linking times are ''not'' edit times, and I just demonstrated that in a trial. Further, if I decided to create an account on all WMF wikis -- which this user apparently decided to do -- I could do it in roughly ninety minutes if I was willing to work hard for that period. It is still unclear to me how long the user took, but a figure of 13 hours has been stated.

"Spambot" is stated for obvious reasons: spam is extraordinarily unpopular, and adding spam by bot? That's horrible! Can we ban this person from the internet? If an account is editing cross wiki, it *must be a bot* and unapproved bots are prohibited, right? They will be locked, for sure.

No, not right. Bots operating at a rate not exceeding 1 per minute do not require authorization. 1 edit per minute, times 557 edits, is about 9 hours. I don't know about peak rate, because most of the evidence has been deleted, is not visible to ordinary editors, but the average rate was certainly under the limit.

Because this mass user account creation was noticed -- and there are people who watch for this kind of thing -- the articles on the photographer were examined. The home wiki of the creators of these articles is it.wikipedia. There is an article on en.wikipedia which has been edited by many others. Once the idea was created that this was "promotion," and Vituzzu tossed in "paid editors, SEOs," every SPA invoved was assumed to be part of a conspiracy to promote the photographer.

Vituzzu blocked almost all of the SPAs without any discussion at all. One was the daughter of the photographer (this is clear from Commons uploads), and she had been warned about COI editing on it.wikipedia, and she politely stopped, continuing to edit for a short time on general purpose edits, and stopped completed in November, 2011. He locked her account.

I believe at this point that all the other accounts, while not warned at all, had stopped. The only active account was the one in the photographer's name. I've spent a lot of time with the issue now, and this is what I would do if I wanted to set up communication with the world wiki community, and I wasn't aware of the "Spamish Inquisition":

I would create all the accounts, and as a photographer, by way of introduction, I'd put up a link to my work. Is this "promotion"? Sure. It happens to be a kind of promotion that is "allowed* on user pages. Then, resting for a bit, "Whew! 557 accounts created! I think I'll rest for a day!" -- he came back the next day to set up email notification, because that requires a separate step per wiki, it's actually more than double the work. But by then, he could not log in to do it because the SUL account was locked.

Most of the created user accounts have been deleted. Most were deleted by the global sysop, by Rschen7754, and by Vituzzu. However, some wikis have not opted in to global sysop actions. So some of the files were tagged for speedy deletion. The reason for deletion was "cross wiki spam," or in what would be telling and seems to have been quite successful, "cross wiki spam, see CA."

So if a sysop looked at CA, they saw 1 edit per wiki, 557 wikis. OMG! Massive spam! Delete!

Some of the deletion reasons show that very little thought was given. One called the edits "vandalism." I'd think that was pretty crazy, but ... I mentioned that there was no discussion.

Normally, global locks will be discussed on meta at Steward requests/Global. Still nothing there. However, Vituzzu just mentioned his actions on meta, Vandalism reports. Hello? He gives no details, nobody could make any sense out of that report if they don't do a lot of digging.

Now, as to Rschen7754, why I'm mentioning this here:

Wikiversity Request for deletion. This RfD also links to my study pages, the study is in progress.

The point here is that we have a global sysop and two stewards commenting in a local RfD on Wikiversity. Highly unusual in itself. The claim was not made that they were wrong to tag a suspicious page. But the defense of their actions went way beyond any necessity. And I was, of course, attacked.

The RfD was filed and the first comment, immediately, was from Wim b, with a total error, treating account attachment time as if it were edit time. In fact, to accomplish the account creations efficiently, one first sets up the account links. I do not yet know the exact process, and simply being logged in to one wiki and looking at others isn't enough. But then a second login appears to trigger a rash of account creations. Once CentralAuth shows all accounts desired, then one uses a page of links, I created such a page to study the edits of Augusto and the response, trivial with a spreadsheet. With a few tricks, the whole process can be done very, very quickly with no bot and no script. A more sophisticated computer user (but naive as to WMF practice) would use a script.

Wim b never responded to his obvious error being pointed out. Instead:
Ah, ok, so: URL = spam, using a bot for created 557+ user's pages with your photos, orverlinking (also off-topic, edited by Ferdinando Castaldo, monotematic user whit user page identical at Augusto, a test before bigger spam?) and create a biography in NS:0 in much wikis using a babelfish and a sockpuppet (like Ferdinando Castaldo or Elvira Pisanti, another monotematic user with identical user's page) ≠ spam... Sure?!--Wim b 04:22, 27 March 2014 (UTC)

This is a global sysop! Nobody in that discussion knows who Castaldo or Pisanti are. I do, of course, because I just spent an insane amount of time researching it. The concept of a "test before bigger spam" is insane. Basically, do something to call attention to everything that has been done? No, it's almost certain: the photographer had no clue that this would be considered improper. There had been a lesser action by Pisanti, he did create user pages with single images. No problem. Pisanti had stopped editing, and never did what I'd expect a true paid editor to do: some ordinary wikignoming. Play a little whac-a-mole on Recent Changes. The antispammers will only catch the inept. And what he did wasn't spam. It was arguably promotion. These antispammers are clueless about the difference.

Abd feel free to say it's a fan rather than a hired SEO, feel free to say SEO is fine, feel free to deal with a lots of crappy non-relevant stuffs ("federal police" is what in communication is called "propaganda") but that won't change the simple fact you've made a personal quarrel out of a simple clean-up. --Vituzzu (discuss • contribs) 18:41, 30 March 2014 (UTC)

(I don't think that anything above was "personal quarrel." Vituzzu had made a comment about "pride" and I turned it around, that was trivial -- and brief -- dicta. I often use the analogy of "campus cops" for sysops, it's apt for Wikiversity. An analogy for global sysops and stewards would be "federal police." He thinks this is "propaganda" but he is projecting arguments that I wasn't making. And this demonstrates the level of thought involved. My comments here are far more personal than there. I attempted to stay focused on the issue, whether or not the page should be deleted on Wikiversity.

It's clear that Wikiversity deletion policy does not contemplate deleting pages like this. You can see the initial comment from the Wikiversity sysop. The page does not violate our policy. But there is another issue raised. If the account is globally locked, it can't edit, so it can be argued that it's useless.

But the page does not appear to violate policy on any wiki, as far as I've seen. It certainly does not violate any en.wikipedia policy, which didn't stop Rschen7754 from deleting it there. "Cross-wiki spam" is not a mentioned speedy deletion reason. Placing links to Commons photos on user pages is a very poor way to "promote" them. The only people who will find or see those pages will be those who are looking at the user's edits.

Wikipedia WikiProject spam is blatant that those fighting spam should dump "Assume Good Faith". And they do. There is an obvious explanation for the user's behavior, and it isn't to spam. It may be some sort of promotion, a kind that is allowed.

[WV user] a SEO teaching and writing stuffs on 557 wikis? That people have been teaching anything than how to spam for almost three years... --Vituzzu (discuss • contribs) 18:41, 30 March 2014 (UTC)

"Promote," Vituzzu. It's not contrary to policy. If these people were paid, it may be contrary to policy, but under the circumstances, it's unlikely. The daughter has a COI. She made no attempt to conceal it. The others may or may not have any connection with the photographer, other than obvious interest. He's a spectacular photographer!"....Abd


The above excerpts show that Vituzzu has blocked a group of persons with his tricky tactics and that his behavior is "contrary to policy", as stated by the honest Abd.

Many others have done similar complaints against this mafioso why he "keeps going and going and going" inside Italian Wikipedia? The answer can be found in the comment done by "ing Andrea" on Wikiperle! He wrote that: "Blackcat (an admin cousin of Frieda Brioschi, the "fat queen of Italian Wikimedia") and his friends are those who support the web helping Vituzzu in the italian wikipedia; and they work together in the other areas of Wiki on commission. If you pay attention the "Cricca"(Wikimafia) of Vituzzu has jobs everywhere: Blackcat & Jaquen in Commons, Sannita in Wikidata, M7 in Wikiquote, so when a favour/help is needed it is sufficient to do an e-mail message and the evidences disappear. And nobody dares to denounce because afraid to be banned......   (Lui e tutti questi amichetti sono quelli che sostengono la rete di soccorso di Vituzzu e agiscono su commissione negli altri progetti. Se ci fate caso la cricca di Vituzzu ha incarichi dovunque: Blackcat e Jaquen su Commons, Sannita su Wikidata, M7 su Wikiquote, quindi quando serve un favore basta lasciare un messaggio in e-mail e la roba sparisce. E nessuno denuncia niente perché ha paura per la propria utenza......)


Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Since Vito -an uncivil  Mafioso from Calabria nicknamed "Vituzzu" in the Wikis (indeed to understand the "bad to the bones" Mafioso admin:Vituzzu, please read his own OUTING MY EVILNESS  at )- started to "dominate" with his group the Italian wiki in the early2010s, this Wikipedia written in the language of Dante is showing a crisis.

This fact is denounced by some journalists, that accuse Vituzzu of cheating & dishonesty (please read: ).     

For example, Giovanni Noferi of "BlastingNews" wrote that "The worst admin is Vituzzu, who is responsible of the erase of some articles without notification to the Wikipedia community and even of the creation of cheated votes...he does the same in other wikis, like the English wiki where he erases the articles he does not like (il personaggio più controverso risulta essere un amministratore che si presenta con lo pseudonimo di 'Vituzzu'. Quest'ultimo, tra l'altro, si è reso protagonista della cancellazione di una serie di voci, in alcuni casi senza chiedere il parere della comunità, in altri organizzando delle votazioni falsate. In sostanza, il modus operandi dell'amministratore pare essere il seguente: 'Se una pagina non mi piace perché le persone o le cose in essa citate mi stanno antipatiche, la elimino'. Come se non bastasse, 'Vituzzu' è noto per andare anche su enciclopedie in altre lingue (in particolare quella in inglese, generalmente ritenuta molto più completa di quella in italiano), per far cancellare le pagine straniere a lui sgradite)

Furthermore, in 2010 Italian wiki was growing very well and was for the first time the fourth in the list of Wikipedias, after the English, the German and the French.....but now it is behind many wikis: even the Philippine Waray wiki is ahead! And all this is EXACTLY in relation to Vito's "growth in importance" inside the Italian wiki.

Let's now do a small research on these facts, as it is written in the same English wiki:

"...On June 22, 2010, Italian wiki  passed 700,000 articles (Robie House – 700,000th article). On September 28, 2010, the Italian Wikipedia overtook the Polish Wikipedia, becoming the 4th largest edition, though in October 2010 the numbers on both Wikipedias were very close...On May 12, 2011, it passed 800,000 articles. On the same day, it overtook the Polish Wikipedia definitively. On March 12, 2012, it passed 900,000 articles.

In 2011 happened the 2011 Mass Blanking Protest :

From October 4 to October 6, 2011, following a decision adopted by volunteers (like Vituzzu) of the Italian Wikipedia community, a knowledge blackout was in place.....On January 22, 2013, it passed 1,000,000 articles........"

In March 2013 the growth of Italian wiki suddenly was reduced  (please read:    and  ):

Plot Edits

and now in 2015 it is only the 9th-largest Wikipedia as measured by the number of articles (after the English, Swedish, German, Dutch, French, Cebuano, Russian, and Waray-Waray editions).

The following it is a Wikimedia chart on the articles growth in the main wikis, showing how the it. wiki stopped bypassing others in 2010:

 File:Articlecount topten wikipedia.svg

Now let's see what happened to Vito in those same years:

Until 2008/2009 Vito was a sysop/admin like many others, but in 2010 he started his "evil career" between the Italian Wikipedia managers ("curiously" exactly when the Italian wiki stopped to grow bypassing other wikis).

Vituzzu can be followed in his "growth to real power" inside the Italian wiki, reading the Wikiperle articles about him from 2011. This is the full group of WikiPerle  articles (in Italian) on Vito/Vituzzu:  and these are the most interesting:

 I want to pinpoint that the fifth -related to Vigevanese (L'ora di Vigevanese)- showed that Vito was able to ban this experienced wikipedian user ( )

, who wrote that "Came the day of the protest against the DDL 3491....the decision was obviously done by Vito. This protest had the characteristic that was done without opinion of an attorney experienced (Arrivò il giorno della protesta contro il DDL 3491. Ero on line quando iniziò la discussione per apporre il banner, che circa 15 pareri (il mio unico contrario) e circa 6 ore dopo fu reso visibile in ogni pagina. Suppongo che 15 voti siano sufficienti per una decisione del genere... Ovviamente presa da Vito. Questa protesta fu caratterizzata da assoluta mancanza di pareri legali in merito )"....In other words Vigevanese clearly denounced that Vito was one of the main "volunteers" who masterminded the so called "blanking protests" of those years, and that since then Vito/Vituzzu -with his Wikimafia group, related to some Marxist/leftist political opinions- is controlling the Italian Wikipedia!

Indeed after the ban of Vigevanese and the one of others, followed by the forced "withdrawal" of some experienced wikipedians (about these facts I am going to write more in the next months) , the Italian Wikipedia started to "lose momentum".....and now it is even behind the Philippine Waray Wikipedia....WHAT A SHAME!

Consequently it is necessary to write that this uncivil Vituzzu is damaging the Italian Wikipedia in a similar way to the damage done by the criminal Mafia to the Sicilia & Calabria regions......THEIR "MAFIA-BOSS" CONTROL SUFFOCATES THE HONEST PEOPLE!

Look for example how nobody dares now in 2015 to attack Vito's reelection. In former reelections he got many opinions/votes against (see for example : ; ; ). But now in 2015 nobody -and I repeat nobody- has had the guts to vote against his reelection as sysop!!!! This uncivil Mafia Boss of the Wikimafia has suffocated even the simple opposition in the usual normal yearly vote for admins......WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!

But it is also a shame that he is "allowed" to do all this in the Italian wikipedia: I want to repeat that many wikipedians wonder how it is possible that this uncivil admin is not removed from his powerful controlling position....and the answer is simple: he has "protectors" in the high levels of Italian Wikimedia/Wikipedia. Vituzzu does the "ducetto rosso"  (red dictator) in Italian Wikipedia also because receives full support from one of the historical leaders of Mario Benvenuti, nicknamed "M7".  Mario is also an admin and bureaucrat on Meta and a Stewart, he is a former CheckUser and now he is a member of the "Ombudsman Commision". This protector is pictured in a photo to the left of the "fat Queen of Italian Wikimedia" Frieda ( ). 

Finally, I want to pinpoint that I have been told he is very upset against me (and of course I am very delighted...). One of my friends wrote me this message in one of my blogs ( ) :
"Hi Bruno....I see you hit very well the bastard rat named Vito...In the (IRC) chats are saying that he is very angry at you and that he is never sleeping because he is always connected to his computer in order to erase everything you write on any wiki....Congratulations! You have hit him very painfully in the center of his mind & soul! Only you have been able to damage his reputation at the highest levels of Wikipedia!...(Ciao Bruno, bell'articolo sullo Stato da mar. Comunque vedo che l'hai colpito bene in quel posto quel lurido e schifoso Vito, padroncino della wiki italiana. Dicono nelle IRC chat che sto ratto-chiavica di bastardo stia incazzatissimo contro di te e che non dorme vivendo sul suo computer per poterti bannare appena scrivi qualcosa su wiki. BRAVO! LO HAI CENTRATO IN PIENO! SOLO TU SEI RIUSCITO A SPUTTANARLO TRA CHI CONTA NELLA WIKI IN INGLESE! L'altro ieri ho letto il tuo blog inglese MANMER2015 ( ) e devo dire che hai ragione in tutto quello che scrivi su di lui. Vito detto Vituzzu e' una cloaca di essere umano ma devo dirti che sono altrettanto schifosi quelli come M7, soprannominato Merda alla settima, che lo proteggono dentro la wikimedia italiana facendogli fare ogni sopruso e carognata da mafioso merdaiolo e rottinculopuzzolente come si comporta. Sono curioso di sapere quali sono i suoi possibili legami da militante marxistoide colla sinistra palestinese e quindi coll'ISIS e Al Kaeda. Aspetto con interesse. Tu sai chi sono io. Un saluto dalla nostra Modena (e complimenti per il tuo blog sugli aromuni e neolatini balcanici)"

Hope the "bastard rat Vito" -as my friend defines him- will soon disappear from Wikipedia: he has done a lot of damage!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


In the Italian Wikipedia there it is an admin nicknamed "Vituzzu", who seems to rule this wiki like a little Mafia boss (please read last month issue of "Manmer2015" about this problem). His name is Vito and he is shamelessly protected by top managers of Italian Wikimedia, probably because of his socio-political leftist/marxist agenda....but in the last months he has also been active in the English Wikipedia, damaging with his mafia "hate" some users who are complaining in angry ways.

So, I am going to write about 2 of them: one in England (Onomaticus) and the other in South America (Ulf Erlingsson).

The first is user Onomaticus (read my August 2015 issue about "Onomaticus: a case of lack of justice"), an English wikiuser who -after blocked forever by Vito's "orders" last summer - wrote:

  1. Hey. I'm Onomaticus. Email me at

    I took a break from Wiki for 3 weeks. I got fed up with those admins.

  2. Onomaticus here, no jokes, came across this article.

    Yes I am in Britain. It is indeed ridiculous to imply Brunodam, some guy in the States, is the same person as me. As if he moved to Britain just to write an article.
  3. Now according to Wikipedia one is not allowed to have more than one account. But it is even this Tokyogirl who has more than one account blatantly and she has said so. The same is with JamesBWatson.

    Whats this? I cannot have an account to make myself seem like more than one person? So they think Brunodam, in apparently making new accounts after his block, which he didn't, is trying to make it look like there is more than one of him by only using one account at a time?

    Doesn't even make any sense. Even their own logic doesn't work out.
  4. Gotta love the ad hominem in Wikipedia. So if somebody is accused of an offence, everything they have ever done is sinful, regardless of whether they have contributed enormously or not. Instead of just banning Brunodam, they have to remove all traces of him on Wikipedia, even articles that won AWARDS & BARNSTARS.

    Is this Stalin's Russia? What game are they onto? Their warped logic allows for every action somebody has done to be incorrect just because they have broken one tiny and pathetic rule?

    I'm not Brunodam. So they accused me of being Brunodam, but why delete all that I have done?

    They claimed Brunodam's articles were "erroneous". These are articles that won barnstars and awards and were widely read and they even dare to say "erroneous". It is like every single observable speck of logic is against them. They are not just wrong in the bigger picture, they are wrong at every single level at this one.
  5. Their basis for thinking I was Brunodam was the fact we both were interested in the Romans.

    Their logic allows for two people, even if they are thousands of miles apart, to be the same person just because they are interested in Roman history. Not even that, they thought I was Brunodam as I mentioned "seen many times on Wikipedia". That could mean anything! I was referring to previous edit wars I had seen before I had an account.

    Tokyogirl logic: Anyone on Wikipedia who likes Roman history and has been on Wikipedia before, even if just to spectate, must be Brunodam. They must be blocked. Not just blocked, not even allowed to appeal. And their IP should be blocked too. They should not even be replied to or allowed to speak to anyone. They are of course Brunodam. Even if they are in 57 different countries at once. Yes, Brunodam is everywhere. He is an evil entity who is trying to attack me with Roman wikipedia articles.
Furthermore I want to pinpoint that the talk page of user Onomaticus has been erased (by the gang related to the Mafioso Vituzzu) , because he wrote there with clear proofs his own defense : see, where an admin named Rjd0060 on October 16, 2015 has made disappear all evidences......

But even others in the world are complaining against this Mafioso Vito: this is the case of south american wikiusers. Indeed my second "user-example" is Ulf Erlingsson (, who wrote that:

"....Wikipedia knowingly slanders political prisoner....

As I reported in July 2010, Italian Wikipedia contains libelous claims about Alejandro Peña Esclusa, who is a political prisoner in Hugo Chávez’ Venezuela, a country that from now is a Soviet-style communist dictatorship. Yet, as late as today Italian Wikipedia blocks every attempt to remove the slander, even though they have been given proof that it is a lie.....The last attempt to remove the slander was made on New Years Eve....two minutes later the Wikipedia editor Vituzzu not only reinserted the paragraph without explanation, but also blocked the user from editing both the article, and also the discussion page. Vituzzu thereby ensured that the blocked user can’t complain, or request that Wikipedia explains why they are helping a communist dictatorship incarcerate an innocent man, by helping them to spread their lies. For them to spread big lies is an integral part of their strategy to prevent Europeans from understanding the true nature of the narco-terrorist states led by Cuba.....While Wikipedia will claim that they have no editors, the fact that Vituzzu has the power to block dissenting opinions from being heard makes him a “WIKIPEDIA DICTATOR”, and thus – in any reasonable interpretation of the word – an editor. It is irrelevant if and who pays him for the job he does in the service of the dictatorship. Wikipedia has given him the authority to act in their name by blocking other users, and consequently they are responsible for his acts.....This muzzle method is brutal. It is worthy of a "FASCIST DICTATORSHIP", or, as in this case, of a "NARCO-COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP". Who is Vituzzu? Where is he? He could be anywhere. He could sit in Caracas, Venezuela, or for that matter in Havana, Cuba, and do these things. (His page on Wikipedia claims he lives in New York, but the phone number he gives is fake, so one cannot assign any credibility to the claims either as to his name or his whereabouts.)......."  

So -according to  Erlingsson- Vituzzu, calling himself Vito Giulio-Claudio at the time, blocked not just further edits but also all discussions and messages on Wikipedia.    WHAT A SHAME!!!

If interested, the readers can get the full information about these Vituzzu's slanders  -as a "Narco-Communist Dictator"- here  at:    Indeed to understand the "bad to the bones" Mafioso admin:Vituzzu, please read his own OUTING MY EVILNESS  at .

Finally,  allow me to repeat that are being checked evidences about Vito/Vituzzu, who seems to be involved in some of the Muslim fanatism on Wikipedia (Italians and a Canadian have been recently arrested in "Operation Martese", read [9], showing even a growing relationship between Mafia/Ndrangheta and ISIS/Al Kaeda). We will elaborate our investigations and  report it on WP:AN/I or to the top authorities of Wikipedia/Wikimedia and/or even other institutions.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Italian Wikipedia seems ruled by admins like Vito, the "bad to the bones" Mafioso user:Vituzzu (read OUTING MY EVILNESS ( ) at the center of last month issue of this blog. Or at least many Italian Wikipedians think this is the sad reality! Like in the above image where a group of persons (as imaginary wikipedians) salute with devotion & deference a huge statue representing the admin Vito. 

Indeed the above image is taken from the 2012 issue of Wikiperle  named "The Case Vituzzu" ( ) and pinpoints "the consensus according to Vituzzu" (il consenso secondo Vituzzu).

Here it is a group of excerpts translated from the Wikiperle article "il caso vituzzu":

1) Vituzzu is an emblematic figure of Wikipedia for several reasons and is well suited to clarify the concepts of "Cricca" and "Wikimafia" that recur often in our Wikiperle with related comments.We have written many times that we use those two terms to simplify a reality much more complex and varied. To tell the truth on (Italian) Wikipedia there is not a real "cricca" (in English: "gang") firmly and rigidly organized. There are, rather, relations of friendship and mutual interest, exchange of favors and defenses of the (admin) role that too often end up stepping on the same pillars on which Wikipedia is based and so always end up crushing vulnerable customers.....(because of these relations) Vituzzu rushed like a train to defend the articles of his friend Montesacro (an admin now banned) and later tried to put on the wiki "black list" the blogs 11-settembre  &  Crono911 not appreciated by Montesacro (but Vito was later forced to admit his mistake).

2) The determined defense that Vituzzu did for Montesacro was clearly evident even in the voting reconfirmation ( votazioni di riconferma ) of the latter. In the reconfirmation of December 2011, Vituzzu even accused those who expressed a vote against Montesacro to obey orders from somebody (see the comment: vedi il commento al voto di Drakkar). In that of December 2010 Vituzzu attacked one by one the users who voted against the reappointment ( gli utenti che votavano contro la riconferma ).

3)  Vituzzu is the administrator most named in the critics & reports Wikiperle receives from Wikipedians, who (even) keep an eye on the "chat sessions" on the channel of Wikipedia where Vituzzu often is showing the (uncivil) authoritarianism and arrogance with which he relates with the Italian wiki community.

 4) Vituzzu used to defend to the death his friends even when they commit abuses and harrassments, and this is certainly not good for Wikipedia. In addition, the "enemies" of his friends automatically become his enemies and Vituzzu attacks them deliberately and with impunity in order to trigger their reactions that can lead to a block (ban). Vituzzu has little consideration of consensus and believe that his opinion must prevail over those of all the others; he does not admit his mistakes and he pays attention to never apologize. Vituzzu is arrogant with newcomers and despises the opinions expressed by new-users and unregistered users (IPs), as if only the old registered wiki-users had a right to express themselves (but even then he does not renounce to his (uncivil) attacks, if the views expressed are not to his liking).

5) Vituzzu is one of those who prefer to hit those who have less opportunity to defend themselves, and he likes to do it quietly, in the shadows and hitting from the back the shoulders, hoping that the victim does not notice anyone ...(even from "Perle Complottiste")

6) The aforementioned chat (and article) shows unequivocally how this "Vituzzu" is a real human (clinical) case suffering from pathological egocentrism and narcissistic personality disorder. It is needed urgent psychiatric therapy. (Comment from "Università LIUC Carlo Cattaneo Castellanza")

Of course many wikipedians wonder how it is possible that this uncivil admin is not removed from his powerful controlling position....and the answer is simple: he has "protectors" in the high levels of Italian Wikimedia/Wikipedia. Vituzzu does the "ducetto rosso"  (red dictator) in Italian Wikipedia also because receives full support from one of the historical leaders of Mario Benvenuti, nicknamed "M7".  Mario is also an admin and bureaucrat on Meta and a Stewart, he is a former CheckUser and now he is a member of the "Ombudsman Commision". This protector is pictured in a photo to the left of the "fat Queen of Italian Wikimedia" Frieda ( ).  In the next months I will write more about......but meanwhile allow me to thank the messages of approval that I have received, denouncing this uncivil Vito & others with hundreds of posts to wikipedians in the English Wikipedia.

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Friday, September 4, 2015


There are many persons complaining about Vito, nicknamed "Vituzzu'' in Wikipedia/Wikimedia. That's why I want to post here this month what they write against this uncivil admin. And I do this because this "Mafioso from Calabria" sometimes goes around saying that I am the one and only against him......but the reality is totally different from the lies he uses to say with his "Wikimafia"!

So let's start from the translations of some excerpts of what appears on a famous website about the Italian Wikipedia: it is named "WIKIPERLE". Here it is the full group of articles (in Italian) on Vito/Vituzzu:  and these are the most interesting:

Another related website is called "PERLE COMPLOTTISTE" and even here there it is an article dedicated to Vito and his abuses:

                                    Don VITO Corleone, the famous Hollywood Godfather

1- The admin Vituzzu since a few years ago has obtained to be a real dictator of the Italian Wikipedia, with his own group of associates and supporters that we call "Wikimafia"
(l'amministratore Vituzzu ..da qualche anno si è imposto come vero e proprio dittatore della Wikipedia italiana, con il suo bravo gruppetto di affiliati e sostenitori che noi chiamiamo Wikimafia) "L'ora di Vigevanese" of  January 2013.
2- Many admins work like they were small emperors and policemen without pity, ready to punish whoever doesn't bend to them and to help whoever is fully faithful  to their POVs. One of the worst of them is Vituzzu, who is experienced and active, but he is a bully with sly and arrogance (molti amministratori ... si sentono piccoli imperatori e spietati vigili urbani, pronti a punire chiunque non si inchini al loro cospetto e a graziare chi fa atto di fede.Tra questi amministratori, uno dei peggiori è Vituzzu, tanto capace -è tra i più esperti e assidui- quanto prepotente, subdolo e arrogante) in "Wikipedia come la Gestapo" of December 2013.
3-Vituzzu is the unlucky guy who is without a real good life to show proudly, and so he is self-giving importance socially trying to be a boss in control of But on the contrary what he gets is similar to the little bully in high school who rules on the elementary kids, but when dealing with those in college is ridiculed as worth "nothing"...and meanwhile cannot stop the laughs from everybody behind him. Exactly what happened to him at his school. PS: someone has understood who is this Vituzzu? Is he a problematic kid/teenager or a fortysomething without social life? (Vituzzu è il solito sfigato che, non avendo una vita reale di cui vantarsi, tenta di darsi un tono facendo finta di poter "influire" sulla Invece l'effetto che ottiene è quello del bulletto della terza media che fa il gradasso con quelli delle che quando si avvicina ad uno delle scuole superiori, viene considerato per quello che è: una nullità intanto non puo' evitare che tutti gli ridano dietro. Esattamente come gli succedeva a scuola.PS: ma qualcuno è riuscito a capire chi sia questo Vituzzu? E' un bimbominkia o è un ultraquarantenne privo di vita sociale?) in Comments on "Vituzzu contro il prof. Drago" of July 2015.
4- These idiots (like Vituzzu) have the guts to feel offended if someone accuses them to be worst than the Gestapo! This is the way Wikipedia works, the free and public encyclopedia...until you don't bother one of these (Mafiosi) who got authority thanks to their dirty methods and is supported by this mafia group! And you cannot defend yourself because these guys are at the same time judges (they ban you), prosecutors (they find all excuses) and one-side defenders (because they help each other in order to promote their consensus inside the (Wikipedia) system and don't care about other users' reasons and rights (Questi idioti (come Vituzzu) hanno il coraggio pure di offendersi se gli dici che sono peggio della Gestapo!Ecco come funziona wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera e democratica… fino a quando non pesti i piedi a qualcuno che proprio grazie a questi metodi è riuscito a farsi un certo consenso e gode di un seguito di amichetti compiacenti!E tu non puoi difenderti, perchè questi tizi sono contemporaneamente giudici (ti danno i blocchi), accusa (cercano tutti i pretesti) e difesa ma a senso unico, perchè si difendono tra loro per rafforzare il loro consenso all'interno del sistema, e se ne sbattono delle ragioni degli altri utenti!) in Comments on "Wikipedia:mai criticare la famiglia" of  May 2013
5- Vituzzu has cowardly cheated creating a software BOT that should have put the one million article in the Italian wikipedia, while he was quietly sleeping in his other words, Vituzzu has cheated in order to be historically remembered as the one who wrote the one million article of Italian Wikipedia. It is a bit like the athlete who uses a drug to win a race competition. This fact explains in great detail which kind of user/admin is Vituzzu (Vituzzu, ha barato vigliaccamente creando un programma robot che avrebbe dovuto inserire la milionesima voce mentre lui se ne stava tranquillo a letto a dormire....In altre parole, Vituzzu ha barato allo scopo di passare alla storia come l'inseritore della milionesima voce di Wikipedia. E' un po' come l'atleta che ricorre al doping per vincere una gara.Questa circostanza la dice lunga su che razza di utente/amministratore sia Vituzzu) in "Wikipedia:la milionesima bufala" of January 2013.

Of course I want to remember what wrote on about the "Mafioso Moscerino Vituzzu" a wikipedian named Abd. He wrote that "Vituzzu is a loose cannon, and he, with the collaboration of a few others, has been causing massive global activity damaging the projects (of Wikipedia), all out of his "hatred" for "promotion," and his acknowledged impatience with policy. He is not one of the major actors in combatting real spam, see the post above, he's minor. Given that relative lack of activity, his error rate is enormous". And we have seen last month one of his many mistakes with user:Onomaticus (and later with user of IP , who is from Canada and not from the USA, and was confused by Vito with Brunodam who lives in Florida: read Really, his error rate is enormous!!! Like his malignity and sadism banning whoever he doesn't like....

Saturday, August 8, 2015

ONOMATICUS: a case of lack of justice

ONOMATICUS: a case of complete lack of justice in Wikipedia

Last month has happened an astonishing case of abuse by some admins of the English Wikipedia: an honest Wikipedia user with the nickname "Onomaticus" has been blocked forever and his article "Cristian Berbers" erased by the gang related to the Mafioso Vituzzu (see my last month issue about this uncivil admin).

Onomaticus on his talkpage ( ) has expressed his opinions about this unbelievable block. I hope the readers can have an idea (from all this shameful situation & case) of the abuses done in Wikipedia......SIMILAR TO THE ONES THAT MADE BRUNODAM BLOCKED FOREVER IN 2007.

What strikes me more is that Onomaticus is clearly an user writing from England, while Brunodam is writing from the USA: a distance of some thousands miles that is totally forgotten by the admin JamesBWatson , who has decided with his "genious" brain that Onomaticus is a sockpuppet of Brunodam. And all this was based on what? NOTHING!!!!! Just a few related sentences......unbelievable, but true! THIS IS THE "REAL" WIKIPEDIA!.........

Onomaticus even wrote as an answer to
(an answer shamefully erased from appearing on the case): "....the opinions of some adolescent college student (like Tokyogirl79) matters more than someone actually trying to help wikipedia. I am sick of unprofessional morons being given Wikipedia privileges. Speak to me in real life and stop hiding behind your keyboards. Give me some way of contacting you that isn't faceless and then we will talk. I don't mean in person, I mean so I can hear your voice, Skype, Teamspeak or phone number. There should be a way of contacting Wikipedia admins in real life...."

Indeed I have wiki-contacted  ( ) this admin Tokyogirl79, who is a college student and "proudly" wrote as admin-credentials that "I have been a fan of anime and manga for many years, as well as a huge fan of B-rate horror movies".....but this teenage girl (who wrote "I'm currently attempting to return to school in order to obtain a degree in nursing. I'm not as of yet sure which field of nursing I would like to go into, but I like the idea of going into medical referencing" when entered in Wikipedia) seems to be happy with the same malignity of the Mafioso Vituzzu and she obviously doesn't care of VERIFICATION of identity with phone calls (Skype, phone number, etc...). For her a supposed vandal is a vandal forever and that's it all! ..........Sincerely, I'd like to show up at the Library of Virginia where she is a volunteer ( read ) to try to convince her with my physical presence that I am not in England as is Onomaticus, but I am sure it would be a waste of time with such a college teenager.....

Another thing that bothers me is that all the posts of Onomaticus have been erased, even those where it was possible to read the IP used by him (an IP that appeared by his mistake in two occasions, but that showed that he was writing from England).....why the "cunning" admin JamesBWatson  did not see this IP located totally away from the many IPs of Brunodam? Of course I am sure the readers can easily answer the question.....(;-D).... To be sincere, all this remembers me the accusations done against user:Enok, who was confused with Brunodam by user:Kimdine on May 2013: but it was a clear mistake and an HONEST admin did not blocked forever him  ( ).

Anyway, in case some reader wishes to "recreate" the erased article of Onomaticus, I am going to add the full version of "Christian Berbers" written by him, as appears on Wikiwand ( ):



(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Estimates show that there are nearly half a million Christian Berbers, many living in a situation of diaspora in Western Europe and the Americas and nearly 300,000 living in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Ranging from Morocco to Libya.
Accomplished Christian Berbers include writers such as Martianus Capella. There were also Christian saints such as Cyprian, Roman popes such as Pope Victor I and even the Roman emperor Septimius Severus. Most of these figures appeared in a socio-cultural period of development in Roman Africa following the introduction of Christianity. Most of these figures are historical, and the Christians in North Africa do not have as much of a dominant community as they used to have in Roman times.

Notable Christian Berbers

Roman writers such as Terentius, Lactantius, Martianus Capella (previously mentioned), Marcus Cornelius Fronto, Apuleius and Tertullianus. Christian saints include Scillitan Martyrs, Cyprian, Victor Maurus, Saint Monica and Saint Augustine. Roman popes like Pope Victor I, Pope Miltiades, Pope Gelasius I. Roman emperors such as Septimius Severus, Macrinus and Emilianus were also Christian Berbers.
Christian Berber kings of exclusive Christian Berber realms known as the Romano-Berber states includes Masuna of Garmul or the Kingdom of Altava. They are known for making Christian jedars and mausoleums such as the "Tomb of the Christians" near Caesarea (also known as the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania).



The first record of Christians in Africa is a document known as the "Acts of the Martyrs scillitans" dating from 180 AD. This documents a dozen Christian (known as Scillitan Martyrs) in a village of Africa Proconsularis, which is yet to be named, in front of the proconsul of Africa.
The major figures in early Christian North Africa was Tertullian, (born of pagan parents; a Roman centurion father and possibly a Romanised Berber mother) who joined the Christian community in Carthage in 195 AD and became close to the local administrative elite, who protected him from pagan repression against his religion. After becoming a priest, he argued in his early writings that Christianity should be recognized as a legitimate religion by the Roman Empire.
"African Christianity" grew in followers after Tertullian found a way to merge Christianity with popular Berber life through religious doctrine. This would conflict with the Roman institutions promoting pagan worship at the time. The most major cause of anger between the two sides was the refusal of Christians to serve in the Roman army. For Tertullian Christians joining the army and killing opponents, hence violating the sixth commandment, was a great dilemma.
The Romans began to persecute early Christians as they were hence endangering the Roman Empire by refusing military service (this period was a time of dire need for more soldiers). Tertullian provoked the authorities until they lead to killing Christians, making them martyrs.
It is a known fact the African Church began with martyrdom. Tertullian later wrote about the rapid growth of Christianity among Africans, it had spread across North Africa to eventually reach peoples south and southeast of the Aures mountains. Around the year 200 AD there was a violent attack at Carthage and in provinces held by the Romans against Christians. This was the persecution in which St. Perpetua died, which we know of form the writings of Tertullian. Despite persecution, Christinaity did not cease to expand. Christian epitaphs were found at Sour el Ghozlane in 227 AD and Tipasa at 238.
By the third century there was a substantial Christian population in Africa. It consisted not only of the poor but also those of the highest rank. A council held in Carthage around the year 220 attracted 18 bishops from Numidia. By the middle of the third century, another was held which was attended by 87 bishops.
Though at this time the African Church suffered a crisis. Emperor Decius published an edict to persecute Christians further. Bishops followed by their whole communities were planned to be executed. Many people had already bought certificates of apostasy for money, so much that they believed they could command the church by the law, and demand their restoration to communion. A lot of controversy was seen at this period.

Conflict between Catholics and Donatists

When Constantine arose to power the African Church had become torn apart by heresies and controversies. Catholics and Donatists conflicted for power in a violent way. In 318 Constantine deprived Donatists of churches, most of which had been taken from Catholics. The Donatists were so numerous that this could not stop them and a Donatist council held at Carthage in 327 AD was attended by 270 bishops.
Attempts by Constantius II at reconciliation only lead to armed repression. Gratus, the Primate of Carthage, declared in 349 that "God has restored Africa to religious unity." However, with Emperor Julian's accessiion in 361 and his permission to allow all religious exiles back to their homes, the African Church saw more troubles. Donatist bishops were centered around a seceded see in Carthage opposed to orthodox bishops. One act of violence followed another and bred new conflicts. Opatus, Bishop of Milevi, wrote works combating the sect. St. Augustine, converted at Milan, returned to his home land.
Paganism was no longer a menace to the church. In 399 AD temples were closed in Carthage. From 390 to 430, the Councils of Carthage discussed with Donatists, gave sermons, homilies and scriptural commentaries persisted almost without stop. Augustine had managed to train clergy and instruct the faithful that Christianity was now strong in Africa.
In 412 the Council of Carthage condemned Pelagianism. Donatism, and Semi-Pelagianism were done away with at a time which changed the history and destiny of the African Church. There was Conflict between Carthage and Rome on how the African Church would be run when Apiarius of Sicca appealed his excommunication to Rome and thus challenged Carthage.

Vandal Invasion

Count Boniface summoned the Vandals to Africa in 426 AD, and by 429 the invasion was complete. The Vandals conquered many cities and provinces. 9 years after Augustine died in 430, during the siege of Hippo, king Geiseric of the Vandals took Carthage. The Vandals were Arians. They established their Arianism and set about destroying Catholicism.
Churches surviving the invasion were to be transferred to the Arians or closed to public worship. This was only stopped briefly when Emperor Zeno intervened and made an agreement with Geiseric that the Catholics be allowed to choose a bishop. This was in 476. By 484 Hunneric, the new king following the death of Geiseric, passed an edict which made matters much worse. The Christians of Africa did not display much resistance to this persecution, even in this terror, as writer Victor of Vita has told us.
Later in the Vandal rule in Africa, St. Fulgentius, Bishop of Ruspe, managed to influence the princes of the Vandal dynasty, who had become more Roman and Byzantine in culture. The Vandal monarchy, which had lasted for nearly a century, was also dwindling in power.
The Vandals permitted the creation of some Romano-Berber states at their borders, but were later conquered by the Byzantine Empire, which established and African prefecture, later the Exarchate of Carthage. At this point some paganism was still worshipped in the Atlas mountains despite the strong Christian influence in Africa. Pope Gelasius I was able to convert the pagans of the Aures who became the most loyal Christians who ended up defending Romanised north-western Africa to the death with their queen Kahina during the Muslim invasion centuries later.

Romano-Berber States

The "Neo-Latin" states in North Africa are called so as they are post-Roman. They were no longer under Roman Empire authority and Byzantine rule in Africa was collapsing. Their culture was a special form of Latin mixed with the local Berber language and the Christian religion.
The Christians living there initially followed a Christian sect previously mentioned known as Donatism. By the 6th century they only existed within communities of Berber Christians. The Christian kings of the Romano-Berber states left Djeddars.
The Byzantines had never managed to conquer land far from Carthage, leaving these states alone for much of their development.
The African Church was in decline. The Byzantine invasions had not given it any more of a base it had during the Vandal rule. The church was ridden with those who had failed their duties and those involved in fruitless and petty theological debates. Pope Gregory the Great attempted to send priests to Africa to help deal with this issue. The priest Hilarus became a papal legate and had authority over African Bishops, he reminded them of their duty and instructed them. He had managed to help restore peace, unity and discipline among the African Church.
Justinian also helped strengthen the Romano-Berber's Christian elements by establishing Christian centers such as the one in Septem.

Arab Invasion

This new revival of Christianity did not last long. The Arabs, who had conquered Egypt, were on their way to Berber Africa. In 647 the Caliph Othman ordered and attack on North Africa, and gained a victory at Sbeilta against Byzantine and Christian Berber armies. He only withdrew when payed a large ransom. The African church remained loyal to Pope Martin around the time frame of 649 to 655 in his conflicts with the Byzantine Emperor. The last few decades of the 7th century saw the fragments of Byzantine Africa fall into Arab hands.
Many Berber tribes converted to Islam without resistance. Carthage fell in 695. In 698 major capitals in the Berber states were taken, one was completely destroyed, half the inhabitants were killed and the eest enslaved, erasing the main center of Greco-Roman influence in the Maghreb.
North Africa was eventually conquered in 709 by the Islamic Umayyad Caliphate, by this time Christianity in Africa was to be ended for several centuries. The church was fragmented and still suffering from the aftermath of fragmentation and the so-called Donatist heretics. A few pockets of Christian rule existed for several centuries.

After the Arab Conquest

Christians in North Africa still existed even in the 9th century. Though they were no longer numerous, they were mainly found in major towns. Paradoxically the Christians who survived were those who had been the weakest worshipers, those in Morocco, mainly because the Muslim invaders left them alone and they were unfazed by the Vandal and Byzantine invasions.
The main Christians were centered around Volubilis, their influence never stretched much past Tangier and Ceutra. However, from the 7th century onwards they were administered by a council of Christians with Latin names. They were open to Christians fleeing Arab invasion. An 8th-century manuscript mentions a Christian overseer at Tangier, and by 833 the church in Ceuta still had an Overseer. In 986, geographer el-Bekri found a Christian community with a metting hall at Tlemcen in Algeria. Brief Latin inscriptions still existed at the end of the 10th century in En-Ngila, Libya, and even as late as the mid-eleventh century in Kairouan.
Even by the 11th century letters were still being written to Christian leaders in North Africa; these letters were in Latin, showing evidence for the survival of that language among Romano-Berbers.
The Overseer in Gummi (Mahdiya), Tunisia, mentioned a good-sized Christian community existing in around 1053 at Ourgla. The traces of Christianity had become so sparse, though. By the mid-eleventh century, there were no more than 5 Overseers in the whole of North Africa, 20 years later there were only 2. An Overseer was chosen at Hippo in 1074 but was sent to Rome by the Muslim governor. Three needed Overseers could not be found in Africa. By 1114 there was one Overseer in Bejaia, Algeria.
Christian communities still existed even up until the 12th century. There is evidence of religious pilgrimages after 850 AD until the eleventh century to the tombs of Christian saints outside Carthage. There was also evidence of contact with Christians in Muslim Spain. The Christian Berbers of Tunis had contact with Rome, as they were able to implement new calendar reforms not possible without said contact.

Norman Rule

In 1135–1155 a Norman kingdom of Africa existed in coastal Tunisia and the Christians there were protected. The Christian community, mostly servile and enslave, benefited from Roger II's rule and even grew when some Italian Christians moved there. The Christian bishop Cosmas of Mahdia went to Rome in 1145 and was confirmed by Pope Eugene III. He also visited his new sovereign in Palermo. Cosmas returned to Africa "a free man". But in 1156–1160 the Almohads reconquered the region. The small Christian Berber community was attacked and disappeared. Some small communities still existed in southern Tunisia and western Tripolitania.
Only the small island of Tabarka in northern Tunisia remained in Christian hands until the beginning of the Renaissance, as it was the property of the Republic of Pisa.

Reintroduction of Christianity

Christianity was finally made a mainstream religion when the Roman Catholic Church was reintroduced by the French following their conquest. The diocese of Algiers was established in 1838. In 1685 some Protestants were already in Tunis, while the Vicariate apostolic of Tunis was reestablished in 1843. Around 1930 there was again a huge community of Christian Berbers, after decolonization and today the Maghreb only has around 1% of its population as Christians with minorities only making up 5% of the population at most in areas like Kabylie in Algeria.
Well known Christian Berbers include Malika Oufkir, a Moroccan writer, daughter of General Mohamed Oufkir.


The Roman town of Capsa, now modern day Gafsa in Tunisia was conquered by Rome in 106 BC and made a colonia and municipium by Trajan. It grew in importance as can be seen in the Roman baths that were 4 meters deep and the recently discovered mosiacs. During the decades of Septimius Severus the town had more than 300,000 inhabitants and was a key important commercial center of the Roman limes in Africa.
Although Capsa was conquered by the Vandals, it soon became independent and the capital of the newly found Romano-Berber kingdom in the 6th century up in a Byzantine invasion.
Under the Byzantines the city was the capital of the Btzantine province Byzacena and enjoyed a period of economic revival. General Solomon build in 540 a new city wall name the city "Capsa-Justiniana".
When the Arab Oqba Ibn Nafi conquered Capsa in 688 he faced fierce resistance from the Berbers, after the Arab conquest it however subsequently lost importance to the Muslim founded Kairouan.
Christians living there still were considered Romanised Berbers and continued to speak an African Latin as part of their language and remained loyal to the Christian religion.
Capsa is the last place in North Africa where speakers of African Romance could be found in the thirteenth century, and Christianity was found there for another century, worshiped in the Roman pools of the old ruins. Christians moved towards Capsa and its surroundings around the 10th century, strengthening its position.
In 1135 to 1155 the Normans conquered Capsa and proected the Christians there for a few years until the Muslim Almohads reconquered the city.
In the second half of the fifteenth century, the Roman humanist Paolo Pompilio noted the territory of Gafsa was populated by a land of small villages in which the inhabitants spoke a "Latinity". Berber Christians continued to live there until the 15th century, while they didn't recognize the new Catholicism of the Renaissance Roman Papacy. This would perhaps deny them support from other Christian powers.
The Berber Christians of Roman Mauretania's Septem seem to have been assimilated into the Christianity of nearby Spain. Septem was another pocket of Christianity left over from the Roman period.
In the first quarter of the fifteenth century, the native Christians of Tunis, even though they were heavily assimilated into Islam in various aspects, extended their church, as the last Christians from all over the Maghreb were gathered there. This is the last reference to native Christianity in North-West Africa; Tunis and Capsa seemed to be the last Christian citadels for over fourteen hundred years of continuous Christianity. Native Christianity was assimilated into Islam, and it died out all over the Maghreb.


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